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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Self-Publishers As Potential Book Printing Customers

When authors self-publish, they are making a statement about their book—they want to maintain control and reap the financial rewards of a successful book. In exchange, they understand they will take more risk because they assume all the duties of the publisher. Many successful authors have started as self-publishers— John Grisham, "A Time to Kill"; Richard Nelson Bolles, "What Color Is Your Parachute"; Rick Evans, "The Christmas Box"; Tom Peters, "In Search of Excellence"; Richard Nixon, "Real Peace"; James Redfield, "The Celestine Prophecy"; Ken Blanchard & Spencer Johnson, "The One-Minute Manager"; William Strunk, Jr., "The Elements of Style"; Irma Rombauer, "The Joy of Cooking"; Deepak Chopra; Mark Twain; Gertrude Stein; D.H. Lawrence; Mary Baker Eddy; and Benjamin Franklin.

Book printers that choose to serve self-publishers can use marketing text such as the June 14th posting to attract prospects.

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