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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Bloggers As Potential Book Printing Customers

Bloggers get it. They understand the new dynamics of publishing. They know they are producers of content and go directly to consumers with their information rather than dealing with intermediaries such as retailers, distributors or wholesalers. They find and develop their potential readers before ever printing a single sheet of paper.

So it is with one blogger turned published author, Stephanie Klein. She began a blog, Greek Tragedy, which built a readership, got noticed and led to a book deal. Her book, “Straight Up and Dirty,” will be available in August 2006.

When asked why she blogs, Stephanie writes, “When you’re first trying to be a published writer, you just want to be heard. How do I get people to read my stuff? …I started a blog.”

Is this a portent of the future or an isolated instance? Only time will tell. Not all blogs are interesting, well written and worthy of a book deal. At the same time, Stephanie understood to be heard above the noise of other authors, she had to go directly to her potential readers through a blog—and it worked for her.

Book printers may want to keep track of this development. All bloggers have content—sometimes lots of it. The bloggers have found their readers. They know how many people may be potential buyers for any future items they publish. There is a great opportunity for printers to contact prolific bloggers to persuade them to consolidate their writings into a book and sell it to their reader base.

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