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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

New Author Marketing Text

A friend in the printing business had a marketing piece for selling short-run, digital books. The text was provided to him by his franchisor. I told my friend the text tried to appeal to too many people. When you try to appeal to too many people, you end up appealing to none. He challenged me to come up with something better. I did. The next three posts are the result of that effort. Any printer can insert a name where it reads Sir Speedy.

Simplifying Choices for New Authors
The choices confronting a first-time author are staggering. Let Sir Speedy make your printing choices easier for you.

Advances in printing technology have created the custom book printing revolution, and Sir Speedy leads the way in bringing on-demand technology to you.

With our digital technology and flexible ordering options you can write a book and print just the copies you need, in quantities of 1, 100 or 1,000. Each book is prepared with an eye to quality and detail, and can include a full-color, laminated cover, perfect binding and rich text, graphics and photographs.

Our custom design services help you prepare your book cover to compete with the large publishers. Use our layout and design artists to create one-, two- or four-color covers that set your book apart from the competition.

Use our technology to deliver books to market quickly and economically. Take advantage of our exclusive Sir Speedy MyDocs® Online Ordering System, and your customers can place orders online for your book and have it delivered to their door.

For help, call us, email us, send us your file, ask for a quote or stop by.

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