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Friday, June 16, 2006

Established Publisher Marketing Text

This is the third posting of marketing text I created for my friend at Sir Speedy in Newtown, PA. Any printer can insert a name where it reads Sir Speedy.

Providing Profitable Alternatives to Publishers
Finding profit in publishing today is more difficult than ever. Vexing problems such as keeping back list titles in print, reaching niche markets and the impact of digital printing offer profit opportunities. Let Sir Speedy show you solutions designed to maximize profit.

Advances in printing technology have created the custom book printing revolution, and Sir Speedy leads the way in bringing on-demand technology to you.

With digital printing it’s never been easier to keep a book in print. Whether the demand is 100, 200 or 2,000 copies per year, Sir Speedy can provide cost-effective printing solutions.

Similarly, reaching niche markets—no matter how small—is easy using Sir Speedy’s digital print capabilities.

Sir Speedy never sacrifices quality. Each book is prepared with an eye to quality and detail, and includes a full-color, laminated cover, perfect binding and rich text, graphics and photographs.

Let us demonstrate the range of solutions we offer publishers. For help, call us, email us, send us your file, ask for a quote or stop by.

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